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UPCOMING SALES - Fourth of July (July 1-4, 2022)
This one is going to be huge but won't last too long. Some good Etsy discounts but the coolest part of this is on
The newest blog post and the related Itch sale page text pretty much clarify why. My emphasis this time is on grassroots (ie viral) promotion. 
To that end, the first 250 shares of an image soon to be posted relating to the sale, on social media will result in the sharer either getting a released asset pack for free, or getting a $2.50 Amazon gift card code. There are ten such codes in the mix. 
All you'd really need to do to grab a prize: -have a Twitter account -share an image on Twitter, FB, Instagram or Pinterest (or all four, for four prizes!) - take a screenshot of the shared pic -PM that to me on Twitter @matthornb. I'll then send you in a PM reply, whatever asset pack or gift code you randomly won. 
Note, the first 50 of the 250 entries account for roughly half the gift cards. So your odds of that are better if you jump in as early as possible and share using as many social media platforms as possible - as in, as soon as the image is posted on my Twitter / Pinterest in the early morning, on June 30th.  
ITCH.IO SALE for July 4th
Stock media on Itch.IO [3d model collections, texture packs, video VFX elements] plus indie game projects nearing release. Over 70% off all individual asset packs, over 95% off everything bundled together. Only two ratings/reviews posted on my Itch.Io shop so far, mainly just comments, but this venue - like the shop - is run by me, same as the Etsy shop and eBay shop, and both of those last two have enormous piles of genuinely glowing reviews from a vast number of buyers [75+ on Etsy, 410+ on eBay] attesting to the quality and insane level of affordability that I have routinely offered with every shop I have ever run.


Itch.IO- some asset-pack updates including new textures recently added, new interior models (very soon now), four entirely new packs in development (a new VFX video pack, a 2022 PBR texture pack, a space/scifi model pack, and a medieval/fantasy pack), and a string of beautiful and ambitious indie game releases. 

Etsy - new print product lines and options, new papercraft building kits, new handmade original artworks, and even more, that will surprise you. Also, watch for launches of games on Steam, GameJolt... and some asset packs on the Unity Asset Store. 

Here are some links to many of my projects: